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Quarantined ‘The Last Leg’ presenter Adam Hills running around his Australian hotel room to support Mose Masoe

Comedian Adam Hills has agreed to become an Ambassador for the Mose Masoe Foundation and is leading the way to raise awareness and funds by running 5k a day around his hotel room whilst locked up in quarantine in Australia.

The presenter of popular Channel 4 comedy chat show ‘The Last Leg’ is an avid fan of Super League side Warrington Wolves and says he will be ‘absolutely honoured’ to become an Ambassador for the new Foundation.

Adam, who was born without a right foot and wears a prosthesis, plays the sport himself for Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) Grand Final winners Warrington Wolves.

He suggested completing the challenge over the final five days of his quarantine period, having flown back to Australia during a break in UK filming, where he will do a number of shows as part pf the Melbourne Comedy Festival next month.

Adam was approached for his support by Sky Sports Rugby League Reporter Jenna Brooks, who has herself agreed to be an Ambassador for the Foundation.

“I was absolutely delighted and honoured to be asked to become an ambassador for the Mose Masoe Foundation as I’ve been following his story since his injury and it is a privilege to be able to support Mose and his family,” Adam said.

“I have really admired Mose for how he has handled what has happened to him. He’s a big strong man on the rugby field but he is showing immense strength now. He and his family are really deserving of our support.

“Rugby League is a fantastic sport, and as we have seen when other players have needed support, such as with Rob Burrow over the past 18 months, people do really come together and look after one another.

“As much as we all love rugby league, it isn’t a sport with extreme amounts of money floating around it, so when things like this happen it is the strength of the rugby league community which really shines through. This will hopefully be the case again.”

Physical Disability Rugby League stars to help run 190k in five days

Adam has enrolled a number of other players from PDRL, which sees teams of nine players – made up of seven whom have a disability and two able-bodied players who are not allowed to score and can’t run more than 10 metres with the ball - play essentially to full rugby league rules.

Included in those players is England head coach and former Hull KR fullback Shaun Briscoe. They will aim to complete 190k over five days together, matching the number of top flight games Mose played in the Super League and Australia’s NRL, urging people to donate to the Foundation at its Go Fund Me page.

“As soon as I was made aware of the fundraising effort for Mose I wanted to think of how I could help and that’s when I thought of running in my room. I then looked at his stats and saw he’d played 190 top flight games so that’s when I thought I’d get a few more involved,” he said.

“Shaun Briscoe used to play for Mose’s current club Hull Kingston Rovers of course, so I am delighted he has agreed to do it too. Not only will I hopefully help to raise awareness and more money for the Foundation, but doing this will be good for my mental health.

“I’m stuck in this room for another five days. I’ve only seen my kids twice in the last 24 weeks and I only see someone three times a day here when food is brought to the door.

“I’ve been watching a lot of the NRL, but it’s good for me to keep moving.

 “As I am in my room and I don’t have a treadmill I’ve been running across the room from one side to the other going backwards and forwards. I’ve been imagining I’ve been in the defensive line going forward and then getting back onside. I’m just happy to help.”

Mose Masoe said he was delighted with Adam’s support.

“It is incredible that people are prepared to do so much for me and I am overwhelmed that Adam has suggested doing this for me,” he said.

“As a family we really can’t express our gratitude enough to Adam, and of course to everybody who has helped in any way, from establishing the Foundation to making donations. It is unbelievable.”

People can follow Adam’s progress from today onwards via his Twitter page, @adamhillscomedy and the Foundation Twitter @mosemasoefund

Fans in the UK can also now buy ‘virtual tickets’ for the ‘Mose Masoe Round 2’ fixtures to support the Foundation. The Virtual tickets are be a donation only, as a gesture of solidarity within the Rugby League community, meaning a Sky Sports subscription is still required to watch the games as normal.

People in the UK can donate by texting 70085 and;

Text 5MOSE to donate £5

Text 10MOSE to donate £10

Text 15MOSE to donate £15

Text 20MOSE to donate £20

Texts cost amount donated plus one standard rate message

Donations from overseas should be made to the Mose Masoe Foundation Go Fund Me page at



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Quarantined ‘The Last Leg’ presenter Adam Hills running around his Australian hotel room to support Mose Masoe

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