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Partner who sees ‘behind the smile’ amazed by ‘incredible’ Mose’s positivity

Mose Masoe’s fiancée Carissa says she has been left in awe of his positivity and determination as he has battled on following his life changing injury.

However, she admits ‘the worrying reality’ of the expected limitations of his recovery now must be faced.

As his partner of 10 years, and mother to three of his young children, Carissa is now Mose’s full-time carer. 

She has to provide round the clock assistance and care, including helping him to go to the toilet, as his bladder and bowels do not function naturally.

“Mose is probably the most positive man you could meet, and when he was warned that he may never walk again after his injury, he was telling me just two days later that he would. That’s how he is, he is so positive and determined,” she says.

“He is still ultra-positive, and sometimes I feel I need to remind him that this is not the normal rehabilitation process from an injury and he won’t make a full recovery. He’s accepting that now – whilst always determined to do better.”

Mose’s positive outlook has at times masked the true story and reality of the situation he and his family now face from others.
It is why the Foundation is being launched, and why the social media tag of ‘Behind The Smile’ is being used, and will be the title of a Sky Sports documentary.

“We have always tried not to feel sorry for ourselves, and in the most we don’t, but there are many times I look at Mose and feel sad. I’m sad for him when I look at him with Lui and he can’t scoop him up like he did the girls when they were babies.  I wonder how he’s coping with that,” Carissa adds.

“We watch videos of him with the girls when they were younger as well and he’s pushing them on the swings and playing. He can’t do that with them now, and he can’t do that with Lui. I am watching him having to find another way to be a dad, and whilst that leaves me full of admiration, I do get sad too.

“The girls have been really good. They’ve had to look after Lui when he’s alone with Mose, as he is crawling now. They’ve got used to helping their dad. 

“Mose has pushed himself to get to where he is today and I have said to him that had this been the other way around, and I had suffered that kind of injury, we would never have got this far. 

“He’s incredible and I’m often in awe of him, and we love him so much.”

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Partner who sees ‘behind the smile’ amazed by ‘incredible’ Mose’s positivity

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