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NRL and Men of League launch 'We Stand With Mose' support campaign

Support for The Mose Masoe Foundation has been launched in Australia as Alex McKinnon and Trent Robinson joined forces with the NRL, RLPA and the Men of League Foundation to encourage players and fans across the game to donate to the fund.

The "We stand with Mose" fundraising appeal was launched in Sydney on Monday, backed by Robinson and McKinnon.

McKinnon himself suffered a spinal injury in the NRL in 2014, with the game coming together for the "Rise For Alex" round that raised over $1.1 million for the Knights forward.

It is hoped a similar amount of money can be raised for Masoe across both hemispheres across the weekend of April 1-3, with Round 2 of Super League dedicated to supporting Mose and his family.

"When you have a spinal injury there's not much you can control because you just don't know the landscape or the environment you're living in," the former Dragons and Knights forward McKinnon said.

"Initially in the hospital to start with it's just so raw because everything is so new and you actually become quite lost and you can identify routines on things you can't control.

"You're faced with things you thought you'd never be faced with before and you don't hear of them.

"As a 22-year-old I never heard of a catheter bag or bowel care routine or someone who comes over in the morning and gets you out of bed and into the shower because you can't do it yourself.

"You don't know about if the catheter bag breaks or you have a bowel accident, then what happens there? Mose's situation at the moment he is consigned to his house, he's with his family."

Robinson, who spent time with Masoe at the Roosters between 2008-2010, encouraged all fans in Australia to donate through the Men of League Foundation.

"It's hard for Mose to put his hand up because he is the guy who made everyone else happy," Robinson said.

"We ask our players to go out and play a sport we love to watch because of the brutality which they play at.

"It's time for us to support one of our own. To support his wife and kids and allow him to live the life he needs to live."

Speaking on a video link from the UK as part of the launch in Sydney, Mose said: "It's absolutely humbling as a person and as a player to get this support,"

"I'm doing well, I'm working hard for the small improvements that I need. The battle has just begun, the challenges ahead I'm ready for but it's going to be tough.

"It's not just a physical game but a mental one - I call it psychological warfare around the things you can and can't do.

"I just want to thank the game for doing this for me."

Fans in Australia can donate at Men of League or via the Go Fund Me Page

Fans in the UK can also use the Go Fund Me page or text 5MOSE, 10MOSE, 15MOSE or 20MOSE to 70085 to make a donation. Cost is amount donated + one standard message.

Cheques can be sent to Mose Masoe Foundation, 18/19 Albion Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 3TG






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NRL and Men of League launch 'We Stand With Mose' support campaign

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