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‘It’s time to walk and talk’ – rugby ball to travel across NRL and Super League collecting all captains’ signatures and handed to Mose Masoe at Hull derby

A rugby ball signed in Hull by Mose Masoe is travelling around the globe - picking up the signatures of all Australian NRL and UK Super League club captains on its way - before being returned into the Samoan’s hands and delivered to Hull KR ahead of their derby clash with Hull FC in July.

Organised by the Mose Masoe Foundation, the ball has been in Australia for some weeks and is now heading back to England, where it will be walked between Super League grounds, collecting all club captain signatures required to create the ultimate piece of modern day rugby league memorabilia.

Fans will be able donate to support the ball on its journey and importantly show their support for Mose and his family, whose lives were forever changed when he suffered a C4/C5 incomplete spinal cord injury last January which led to him being diagnosed tetraplegic.

The aim between now and July 1, when Mose will carry the ball out in front of the Hull College Craven Park crowd, is to secure 24,353 donations – one for each mile the ball will have travelled to return it into his hands.

People can donate any amount through the Foundation’s Go Fund Me page, or make a donation between £5 and £20 via text.

The ball initially travelled from Hull to Auckland, and following a period in isolation has been passed to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast Brisbane and Townsville, collecting signatures before being flown back to the UK.

It will start the second stage of its journey to collect the signatures of all Super League captains, beginning at St Helens on June 17th where it will be signed by the captains of the Saints and the Warrington Wolves ahead of their televised Super League clash.

It will then head to Wigan on the same night before being walked to Leigh and then Salford on the 18th. The ball will head to Huddersfield on the 19th, reaching Leeds and Wakefield on the 20th.  It will reach Castleford on the 21st and Hull on the 22nd, before being stored safely away and handed to back to Mose on July 1 when the Robins face Hull FC.

The ball will eventually be auctioned off as the ‘ultimate piece of modern day rugby league memorabilia.’

Time to Walk and Talk

The UK stretch of the journey is being entitled ‘It’s Time to Walk and Talk’, highlighting how opening up and talking about the impact of life-changing injuries can be just as important as learning to walk again.

Fans will be encouraged to join parts of the UK stage at the various stages of the journey as the ball is carried from Lancashire to East Yorkshire.

Tony Smith, a trustee of the Foundation and Mose’s coach at Hull KR when he suffered his injury, says he hopes the event will raise awareness as well as vital funds.

“This will be a really significant event as what we are looking to achieve, beyond the fundraising element, is for people who suffer life-changing injuries to feel more able to open up and talk when they need support,” he said.

“In Mose’s own case, his first steps were widely celebrated and his smile suggested he was doing well, and it was only a year after his accident that he opened up about the dark days he suffered mentally, and admitted the level of support he required. That is what led to the Foundation being formed.

“Mose has proved an inspiration to everybody, as was seen by how he was supported earlier in the year and through the support we are getting in doing this now. Hopefully this event will encourage more people to talk and get the support they need when they read about all of our reasons for doing this.

“We’ll hopefully also raise a lot of money for the Foundation to support players in the future not only in their physical recovery from serious spinal injuries, but also in helping them to address the mental impact when told they are unlikely to ever be the same person again.”

Mose expecting ‘emotional’ evening when walking out in front of Hull crowd

Following his C4/C5 incomplete spinal cord injury, Mose, 31, can still walk only a few unaided steps and any brief activity leaves him shattered. He still has no sensation or dexterity in his hands.

One of the worst forms of paralysis, it leaves people with partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and torso,  and whilst some people experience improvements in symptoms, and others may regain partial or complete control over the affected areas with time, there is currently no way to reverse the damage done.

Mose’s partner Carrisa has had to become his full-time carer alongside looking after their three young children, providing daily assistance with tasks such as personal hygiene and going to the toilet, as his and bladder and bowels do not function naturally.

Mose said: “I’m really overwhelmed by the thought and effort which has been put in on both sides of the world to make this happen. To have the support once again of all the NRL and Super League clubs, their players and supporters is truly overwhelming.

“It will be so emotional to be handed the ball ahead of the derby game between Hull KR and Hull FC, knowing the effort that has been made to take it around the world collecting signatures.

“Then to walk out onto the field, in front of the fans, will be truly amazing. I have had amazing support from around the world, but the people in the city of Hull especially have shown me so much support and love it will be amazing, and of course extra special with the fans back in the stands.”

A number of Rugby League stars and celebrities are to take part in the UK journey and will be announced in the coming weeks.

How to donate

You can donate any amount through the Foundation’s Go Fund Me page or make a donation between £5 and £20 via text.
Text 5BALL, 10BALL, 15BALL or 20BALL to 70085.
Texts costs amount donated + standard message rate.

The UK journey dates are as follows;

17th June

7pm – Ball signed by St Helens and Warrington Wolves

7.30pm – Depart St Helens

10.15pm – Arrive Wigan

Overnight accommodation

18th June

9am – Ball signed by Wigan.

10am – Depart Wigan

Midday – Arrive Leigh - Ball signed by Leigh

1pm. – Depart Leigh

4.30pm – Arrive Salford - Ball signed by Salford

Overnight accommodation

19th June

7am – Depart Salford

5pm. – Arrive Huddersfield -Ball signed by Huddersfield

Overnight accommodation

20th June

8am – Depart Huddersfield

2pm – Arrive Leeds. - Ball signed by Leeds

3pm– Depart Leeds

6pm – Arrive at Wakefield - Ball signed by Wakefield.

Overnight accommodation

21st June

9am- Depart Wakefield

11.30am - Arrive at Castleford -Ball signed by Castleford.

12.30pm – Depart Castleford.

6pm – Arrive Goole

Overnight accommodation

22nd June

7am – Depart Goole

5pm – Arrive Hull FC

1st July

6.40pm Depart Hull FC

7.40pm - Ball guard at Hull KR v Hull FC. Ball carried onto pitch by Mose to be signed by both skippers

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‘It’s time to walk and talk’ – rugby ball to travel across NRL and Super League collecting all captains’ signatures and handed to Mose Masoe at Hull derby

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